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Generation6 templates are based on 3 main criteria:

  • WOW factor. A website that looks like a $1000 (and hopefully more)
  • SEO. Search Engine Optimization.
  • EASE of EDITING: Lot's of WOW, little software.

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  • 10 pre-designed pages, which you can modify to suit your needs
  • 1 catalog page layout, best for PayPal
  • contact form page (for servers with FrontPage extensions)
  • contact form confirmation page (for servers with FrontPage extensions)
  • blank template page(s), to create as many new pages as you need
  • included pages to easily update the logo, copyright, and menu buttons
  • JavaScript 'page scroller'
  • Google site search
  • Detailed FAQ's
  • Video Instructions

Benefits, Benefits, Benefits! Lot's of Value, little price.

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  • GRAPHIC LOGO Insertion
  • Custom Design Services
  • Dynamic Flash Header
  • Bonus Components
  • Create as many additional pages as you need
  • 10 Pre-Designed pages
  • Site wide updates for common elements
  • World Class Design
  • WC3 Validated Code
  • Super fast 'menu' updates
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Cross Browser Compatibility
  • ActiveX Coding
  • Outstanding Customer Service and Support